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Me and Cancer

Read about my amazing journey

1: And Now We Wait: Éva’s Cancer Blog

22 November, 2015 I have ovarian cancer that has metastasized. How could I have let it go so far? I didn’t. In the past five years, I’ve seen two traditional doctors several times, one doctor of Chinese medicine, a dietitian, two nurses, and did a lot of research on-line, and by asking friends. None of…

2: An ounce of prevention? Try a kilo!

22 November, 2015 Of course, one of the first thoughts that came up for me was: Could I have prevented this cancer? Or at least “catch” it before it got out of hand? I looked at my personal story, medical and otherwise. This is what I came up with: – January-February 2010: Trip with daughter…

3: Poop happens.

25 November, 2015 Let us make the following crystal clear:  There is no blame.  On anyone, or anything.  Poop happens.  Sometimes it comes out hard, sometimes the color is off or there seems to be too much of it.  Either way, it happens.  Same with cancer.  Cancer happens.  It can happen to anyone, be it…

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